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We create, weave and finish every single metre of velvet and fabric in order to bring to life the most prestigious qualities for textile editors and international wholesalers. The entire process takes place inside Manifattura Tessile di Nole: here lies the secret of our excellence.

Patterns and colours from the company’s historical archive, all carefully catalogued and classified, combine with modern suggestions from international designers cooperating with our creative department in order to offer to our customers exclusive creations.

The warping department is equipped with modern computerised warping machines, able to make warps at 140 and 290 cms wide.

In the jacquard weaving department we have 32 Jacquards/dobbies producing plains, small repeats and large repeats of 70 cms wide and at fabric widths of 140 cms and 290 cms

The highest versatility is allowed by 30 dobby face to face looms, each devoted to a particular quality and structure of velvet.

Dyeing is a very delicate process in which the experience of our technicians is passed down from generation to generation. This, combined with the most advanced technology, allows our velvets and fabrics to achieve the correct shade and colour fastness required by our customers. But our strength also lies in the ability to achieve this consistency time after time, and it is only through having our own in-house dyeing that this can be assured for the life of a collection.

Processed by several different machines in the finishing department, our fabrics and velvets obtain their distinct look. The ‘know-how’ and ‘trade secret’, handed down from generation to generation, are the essential elements that allow our products to achieve their unique aspect and top durability. Quality is repeatedly checked during all phases of production: weaving, dyeing and finishing. Immediately after the weaving, each piece is inspected before being transferred to the dyeing or finishing department. A final quality check is carried out in the inspection department before the pieces are packed.

The warehouse is completely automated and has purpose built storage conditions for our velvets and fabrics. A modern bar coding system, which collects the production data at every stage, helps us make well informed management decisions, and guarantees efficiency and precise information for our customers.